Do you put enough value on your time?



So often as small businesses we try to do it all., not only are we performing the core functions of our businesses, the things our customers and clients pay us for, the things we are good at.
We are also doing (often poorly) a whole host of other jobs as well:

  • Marketing & advertising
  • Social networking/ developing & maintaining the business’s online presence
  • Maintaining the accounting and “bookwork”
  • General admin
  • Any number of other basic business functions

Most of these things we probably aren’t very good at or at least aren’t very efficient at, they steal our time. We do these things ourselves because we think we think it’s too expensive to pay someone to do it for us. But is it? Are we really looking at it all backwards? Often we don’t factor in the true value of our time:

  • Value of lost income (reduced sales or billable time)
  • Value of lost personal family & recreational time
  • Value of time away from other forward planning
  • Value of time out

Given that whoever you outsource these tasks to is presumably a professional in their chosen industry they will be far more efficient at it than we could ever hope to be and get it right first time.

Take me for example, I can reconcile bank statements, complete financial statements and file GST & income tax returns with one arm behind my back and so I should,  it’s how I earn my living! But website development and online marketing is not so easy for me. Sure I can do it myself but is it the best use of my time? Given that I’m figuring it out as I go along, it takes me a long time and I am constantly changing things around and generally tweaking. For me, I enjoy the challenge of developing my website and online marketing, however that doesn’t mean it is the best use of my time.

There’s a quote by Derek Sivers that I stumbled on today via Julia Bickerstaff at which says:

Anything you hate to do, someone else loves.

So, find that person and let them do it.

I couldn’t agree more, when there’s something we hate doing, or just aren’t very good at doing we are going to drag our heels, take a long time and not necessarily do a great job of it. How much success and fulfilment (both business and personal) would we achieve by putting more time and energy into the things we do love and are good at?

What jobs are your pet hates? What could you be looking at outsourcing?

Are you Web Developer/ Social Media Guru with a small business in New Zealand who works with and maybe even needs to outsource their accounting & bookkeeping? If so, get in touch, maybe we can help each other.