Done for You Bookkeeping

Want to spend your time doing what you do best and not your bookwork?

Let me do it for you. I offer a wide range of accounting services for many industries, including:

  • Air conditioning install, repair and maintenance.
  • Online virtual services & training
  • Property management
  • Building/handyman services
  • IT services
  • Food services
  • Health Services
  • Hairdressing
  • Carpet cleaning to name just a few.


Accounts Payable & Receivable Administration

Managing or not managing your accounts payable and receivable can have a massive impact on your cashflow. I will work with you to ensure your clients pay you, on time and in turn ensure you can pay your suppliers on time too.


Cashflow Management

Knowing what cash is available right now is important, so too is knowing what cash is needed in the coming days, weeks and months. I work with you to set up systems so your money is working hard for you.


GST Return Preparation & Completion

Your two monthly GST return will be accurate and filed on time, every time! Your last minute scramble to meet your GST filing deadlines will be a thing of the past.


Payroll Management

I can manage all aspects of payroll management from time sheet through to bank file upload.


Tax Reminders (GST, Provisional and Income Tax)

With timely reminders of upcoming tax due dates you will always be aware of what is needed when.


Bank Reconciliations

Using Xero’s daily automatic bank feeds your cashflow will always be up to date. With no manual processing the potential for human error is reduced too.


Profit Maximiser

I can help you turn your business from never having enough cash to go around, to having an abundance instead. Enabling you to pay yourself your profit, first, each and every month. While ensuring you have cash available for GST, income tax and suppliers. Not only is it available but it’s earning you interest until it’s needed.