Hi, I’m Anthia Clark (Keall),

I am a Xero certified advisor, trainer, bookkeeper and accountant. I support small and medium service based businesses manage their day to day bookkeeping and accounting. Assisting to ensure you have the information and tools you need to make informed business decisions, make a profit and pay yourself your profit first, each and every month.

Starting out in a small bookkeeping firm I learnt from the ground up before transitioning to a Chartered Accountants office. I then spent several years in a high profile law firm as Trust Account Administrator. On moving to beautiful Whakatane I worked in local government as Finance Officer alongside Management Accountants.

What I found however, was that I missed working with small businesses. I hear many stories from small business owners who are disappointed, confused and at times intimidated by dealing with larger accounting firms. You need to feel comfortable talking to your accountant, to ask questions and have the tools you need to drive your business where you want it to go. You can only do that with an accounting professional that’s a good fit for you.

I established Freedom Taxation from my home with a core focus on helping small and medium service based business owners with managing cashflow, tax compliance and other financial reporting. You know, the usual stuff, managing your cashbook and bank statements, debtors and creditors, preparing GST and PAYE returns, as well as preparing and managing payroll.

Fifteen years and two children (12 and 9) later I still do all of the things you would expect your accounting professional to do because all those things are really important, but so is making a profit and getting paid.

That’s why we have our businesses right? To get paid. When was the last time you turned a profit? When was the last time you paid yourself? Are you able to pay yourself regularly? Or are you stuck in a feast or famine cycle of paying yourself? I help my clients get out of that cycle and start paying themselves their profit, first each month before everyone else and still have cash for paying those pesky things like GST, income tax, and suppliers.

I’d love to take the stress out of your accounts and bookwork and help you turn your business from never having enough cash to go around to having an abundance instead.

Get in touch with me to arrange for a complimentary initial consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you,