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  IRD have created a ‘To Do List’ of things employers must do in regard to Kiwisaver which says: All employers must: Offer KiwiSaver to all their employees who meet the rules Give all new employees a KS 3 information pack (factsheet and form) and existing employees if they ask […]

IRD News – Employer Kiwisaver Checklist

This post follows on from my post 9 ways to reduce your tax bill. Where I promised more details on the correct methods for calculating your vehicle expenses. It also follows on from the post Are you using the correct rates when claiming your vehicle expenses? Which provides the correct mileage rates for 2014. […]

Vehicle Expenses – 3 Ways to Get it Right

  “Two things in life are certain, death and taxes!” While most of us can’t avoid paying tax (legally anyway) there are things you can do to ensure you aren’t paying more than your fair share. Here’s a list of 9 things to help you reign in your tax bill. Hire […]

9 ways to reduce your tax bill